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A Brief Understanding of Hindu Astrology

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Western astrology is profoundly different from Hindu astrology despite similarities such as the zodiac signs. Our jewelry focuses on the ideology of Indian astrology, or Jyotisha.

Jyotisha - the science of light - shows correlations between astral light patterns and one's destiny and offers a practical explanation to the meaning of life. Vedic or Hindu astrology revolves around our belief in karma. Our karma is predestined by cosmic design. It is based on the samskaras, or psychological impressions, that have been imprinted on our astral body from our previous lives. When our soul reincarnates into a physical body, it incarnates at the exact place and moment that the universe desires, like flowers blooming at a specific time when all factors are perfectly aligned. Our predetermined karma is considered to be a genetic code for an individual that indicates the main potentials in their life.

We treat the planets as divine beings whose energy directs towards those on Earth - affecting one's everyday affairs at designated times. Western astrology focuses on an individual - me and mine, my relationships, my success, my love life. Hindu astrology focuses on the larger forces at work. It revolves around auspiciousness, connections, sacred timings, and just being in flow with the ebb and tide of the divine forces.

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